Shoulders differentiation

Shoulder joint is another very important point of movement.

What does it means to stabilize it? It means being able to perform movements of arms and spine without engaging unnecessary shoulder muscles  that, both for their natural dominance, both for their incorrect behavior, they would like to interact.

A very common example :

if I raise my arms to the side and over the head, I feel the deltoid working like crazy? the answer is “No!”
Arm strength starts from the back,  we should get aware of the shoulder blades and how to use them and how to feel them in position.

Another example:

  • If I lean forward, automatically your chest you have to close? the answer again is “No!”

… But it is the most common errors, which over time lead to tensions and stress in the shoulders and a closing in the chest. So, here’s again, are some exercises to become aware and strengthen those little muscles, less powerful, which would tend to “sleep” and to be dominated by the large trapezoid, by the pectoral and others overbearing neighbors!

Video with explanations and exercises, also found in “INTRODUCTION TO PILATES” … good job !!


Shoulders differentiation

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