Hips Differentiation

The concept of the stabilization of the pelvis, comes from the concept of the Neutral Pelvis.

The idea is that you want to work the abdominal muscles, lower back and legs on a neutral pelvis. All the movements which are accomplished for example: lifting a leg, articulating the upper chest etc., Are made WITHOUT involve the pelvis that remains always neutral and supported.

The aim is:

  • strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor,
  • work your muscles starting and maintaining a good posture
  • balance the muscles around the joints to the pelvis
  • accustom the muscles to move independently and therefore have full control

how to do? be reeeeaaally careful !!! Look for a neutral pelvis position, and check that it remains so during the various exercises and if in some exercises it is required an anterior pelvic tilt, a posterior tilt or switching between those poses, always try to understand, step by step what is happening, while exploring other positions through contrast .

Here’s the video with which you can practice and understand the concept better. You will also find it in the course “INTRODUCTION TO PILATES” … good job!

[embed_video link=https://youtu.be/j4wwOqlp0dY?list=PLdVGMzDdRmCjO055pBC4s1Pmumg-8jByQ]




Hips Differentiation

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