Skipping meals can slow down your metabolic rate

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Have you been skipping meals in the past? This can cost you weight gain today. Let’s find out why.

Are you gaining weight without eating that much? After reducing your daily calorie intake, you’re still not losing weight? What’s happening?

One possible reason is that skipping meals slowed down your metabolism.

Skipping meals might be tempting…

Dieting is so difficult because appetite is hard to control! By skipping meals, we just aim to lose weight fast. After all, quick results have the power to motivate us, especially when it comes to losing weight!

Why you gain weight today if you’ve been skipping meals in the past

Still, skipping meals is something you should absolutely avoid. What you actually get by skipping meals is forcing your body to go into a “starvation mode”. Then it takes action to prevent itself: it slows down the metabolic rate and makes the fat burning harder. Simply put, your body can’t count on regular meals so it slows down the fat burning process. As a result, losing weight becomes harder!

An effective and healthy way to lose weight: eating fiber

Rather than skipping meals, you should follow a well-balanced diet.

Actually simple carbs, like cakes and cookies, contain many calories and still leave you feeling unfilled, or begging for more.

Instead, fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in fiber and help you stay full longer. Also complex carbs like whole grain rice and breads are rich in fiber.

An effective and healthy way to lose weight?

Obviously, it’s not skipping meals; start eating food which is rich in fiber and poor in calories instead. With every day activity and exercise, your body will start requiring more calories than the amount you take with food (because you are eating much fiber/taking less calories). And the fat burning process will be stimulated!

This is the right process to make your body burn fat. And this is the right method for a rapid weight loss.

The ideal plate to stay fuller longer (and take less calories)

best metabolic diet

A good balance helps you stay satisfied:

  • half of your plate should contain vegetables,
  • one fourth proteins
  • and one fourth grains (preferably whole grains).

This is a very simple rule to follow… very much simpler than skipping meals!

Maintain a healthy metabolism eating smaller meals more often

Finally, for a healthy metabolism, have small meals throughout the day (every 3 or 4 hours). This will avoid you unhealthy snacks. Most of all, your body is “like a clock”: being regular with your meals is the best way to boost your metabolism. In case you are considering metabolism boosters like Phentaslim in addition, please ask your doctor.

Stay healthy with an active lifestyle

Besides eating healthy food, also consider increasing exercise, if you need to lose weight. Sports like pilates let you burn many calories while you have fun.

Actually an active lifestyle is the best way for us to stay healthy. Enjoy!


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Skipping meals can slow down your metabolic rate

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