La respirazione

Here are a cornerstone of Pilates … that all the students, with whom I had the pleasure of working so far, point out as a very problematic: to be able to coordinate breathing, in and out (inhalation and exhalation) with the exercises .. it’s not that easy!!! .. and as I always say: “do not worry too much! (Or too little of course) … sooner or later will be natural.”

There are two basic concepts to keep in mind:

  • breathe so that you can always maintain and support your center (especially the abs);
  • breathe out, throw out the air, in the moment of greatest effort.

First,  you should then think about using an intercostal-thoracic breathing, so you can always have the belly “scooped in” (often you will year “belly bottom in!“).

Think when you try a dress, profile in the mirror, when you naturally tend to hold your stomach in for a perfect waist, or when you put on a pair of too tight pants, and to close them you strive to get thinner and keep as compact as possible the abdomen area … well … try to do it and put the focus on the work and the support that the abdominals and pelvic floor are doing !! If you now try to breathe while keeping everything like this, breathing automatically rises from the stomach to the chest… Bingo!!! Here is the way of breathing in Pilates!!!

Why??? simple … to optimize the work:

  • mindful workout = mindless results 
  • keeping your abs always active, it usually avoids overloading the lower back and performing movements in a wrong way.
  • the more my core is strong and stable, the more I can move freely the rest of my body.

So … just keep in mind :

  • thoracic intercostal does not mean that you involve chest and shoulders
  • during the day we should keep the i”diaphragmatic breathing “.

Curious to try and see if you got it well? here is the video, and I suggest you not only to watch but also to perform it yourself!

It is part of the course “INTRODUCTION TO PILATES” … enjoy!


La respirazione

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