Pilates exhausting? … I don’t think so…you just lay down!

Sometimes I sense the concerns of those who looks at a Pilates class from outside … you can accurately understand the thought:

“… Well … they’re lying all the time and what do they do? Raise an arm, a leg, turn on the stomach or on one side … maximum they sit or  go on all-fours … . I WOULDN’T SAY VERY EXHAUSTING  … “

And maybe someone who now does pilates, could admit that she/he thought the same thing … until for one reason or another ended up in first person, on that mat, for that lesson, whose name does not say nothing…

Well … yes, even if not a lot o people dare to say that, not to a pilates teacher at least , actually it’s true: pilates, seen from outside,  it does not give the idea of some kind of fatigue and exhaustion!

If you try it a few times (with me… just one it’s enough), you change your mind!

It’s definitely not an aerobic activity … but to outline the muscles, increase power and mass … you do not necessarily have to gambol around like madmen for an hour, jumping from one machine to another, lifting weights randomly, etc . while you are chatting or flirting with someone … This way,  you’re actually consuming energy, but the results do not always arrive on all fronts … and almost never in the timing and desired ways …

“Oh yeah … and then Pilates would work wonders?” … You may now ask me …

It depends only on you:

  • if you really want to change your body and awareness of how to use it: YES, pilates changes your life …
  • If you approach pilates as a whatever-course, where do you think it is enough participating, it will change you… with time …
  • if, finally, you will want to confirm the idea that there is no point in doing pilates.. here it is that the only things you’ll say are: it’s boring; too much information and I can not follow; I can not even chat; you are talking too fast;  I cannot do a movement, if I do not see it before… etc. etc. Here, well, actually pilates is useless!!

It’s up to you … we have our preferences, our way to do, our needs … we not all have to / can do Pilates, but if you do it right, YES is VERY HARD !!

A student of mine calls it “Course for adepts” … and it makes me smile, because in a way it is just like that: it differs from what we are used to when we think of a fitness course in gym, where all the time you copy aping the hyper-fit teacher, where you don’t know what you are doing, where you judge the class just from the  tiredness and soreness  at the end of lesson… the more you’re sore, the closer are your goals … no, the Course for adepts implies first and foremost that you listen, understand and apply the instructions … and back to the viewer from the outside that you are still wondering, where’s the magic, here’s the answer:

Open your mind, try a lesson, focus and listen and feel … and maybe ask to those who come out of a Pilates class why do they chose it!!!

Usually they start under the advice of a doctor … (Thanks doctors !!!!) because maybe they can not jump, have back problems, cervical issues… and with time they understand the peculiarities!

To you, with no problems … the pilates will continue to prevent you from them  !!! Please incorporate it into your workout program!

PS. comment and vent yourself freely,  on all thoughts that may come, that have come and you heard about  … it will be fun !!

Pilates exhausting? … I don’t think so…you just lay down!

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