Pilates and Christmas … and tips for New Year!

Natale e Pilates

The holidays are approaching and consequently also the excess. Dinners with colleagues, evenings with friends, moments of celebrations with family, at school, at work, in short, every moment is good to party. Until a few weeks ago, all engaged in a healthy life: attentive to what we ate and drank, hours spent in the gym and fitness classes, in short all perfectly aligned with their well-being, managing not to give in to those temptations that rarely appeared .

Now everything is different, in every sphere of life there are attractive tinders, and all our old allies, who were fighting with us against alcohol, sugars and carbohydrates, now seem to have passed on the side of the enemy. At work, at home and even in the gym, delicious banquets of sausages, chocolates, panettone and sparkling wines wait for us like innocent little angels, kindly offered by our old friends of sacrifice. Pilates and Christmas, do not seem to be words suited to the same sentence.

Indeed, after all the efforts of the last few months, why not give yourself a small prize?

So how can we escape the feeling of guilty, when we finally abandon ourselves to exaggerations, but our routine is disrupted by festivities and closing periods that will prevent us, in any case, of being able to remedy and expiate our faults in a short time? Some gyms are closed, others of us have booked vacations away from their fitness center, others just have no intention until  the 8 January to practice any sport.

In short, to every temptation, our conscience spoils that moment.

Here is the solution: let’s remember some simple strategies to stay fitness even in those moments, silencing our inner voice.


If someone kindly give us a gift, let us remember our posture: properly aligned, we stretch both arms towards the gift with Pilates e natalenice lower shoulders and a open chest. Then, we flex both arms equally, with elbows tightly closed to the chest, to bring us the gift.

In the case we should take the gift from under a Christmas tree, remember to roll down the spine starting from the head, to reach the gift with both arms outstretched, perhaps taking advantage, for a few breaths, to do some stretching to legs and back. Once grasped, we unroll one vertebra at a time, to return to a standing position. Obviously doing this with the support of the abdominals and soft knees until the pelvis returns to a neutral position.


Chloe happy

An important moment is also the enthusiasm or disappointment in the opening of gifts.

If enthusiastic: slightly extend the spine, nice long neck from behind, stretch your arms forward, and embrace the author of the gift (also recommended move in case of disappointment,

Respecting feelings of the author in our presence).Chloe said

If disappointed: draw a line with the nose from top to bottom approaching the chin to the neck and recline the head on the chest, lengthening the cervical vertebrae. Once you think it’s enough as disappointed time, unroll to return to an upright position. Keep on celebrating.


brindisi e pilatesStand upright, feet parallel to the width of the hips or, if you prefer, externally rotated one in front of the other. Neutral pelvis and active pelvic floor, open chest, low shoulders. Grasp the glass with your favorite hand, raise it to the ceiling keeping the reference shoulder well aligned and toast with others. When drinking the glass, make sure not to compress the cervical vertebrae by raising the chin too high.

Repeat the movement by changing each time hand.


Sitting upright, Feel the sit-bones on the chair, imagining to approach them one to the other to feel the spinal column extending elegantly upwards.

With a slightly snobbish look, which makes our necks well-aligned, freely converse with the guests.

Occasionally call attention to the abdominal muscles by taking a few breaths at the intercostal thoracic level.

Remember to lower your shoulders and open your chest throughout the meal. Enjoy what you eat.

MOMENT OF ” TEMPORARY AND OF PARTY”  (end of meal, end of festivities …)

If the weather allows it  take a good walk, in any case, move away from the party walking straight  up, with the belly held in, an active pelvic floor, thinking of approaching an ischium to each other at every step. We will not burn all the ingested calories, but we will certainly be recognised for our majestic progression.


Have fun: good mood is the best medicine to feel good.

Embrace: the exchange of affection, the physical contact with the loved ones it’s very important and it makes you feel much better.

Indulge  in hot baths, saunas, massages, heated glasses with thermo-stimulating drinks (tea, spirits …) and, especially if in cold weather conditions, warm up well before any physical activity:

Circles of shoulders before hugs,Ultima pillola

Circles of the wrists before the handshakes

Torsions and bending of the bust, before embracing children or people of lesser stature than yours,

Bend the legs, before lifting children or heavy gifts

General stretching before going to bed, better if done in company.

Drink and eat what you want without guilt … in January you will have time to get back on track.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Pilates and Christmas are friends!



Pilates and Christmas … and tips for New Year!

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