anna fbHello!!! First of all, thank you for your attention and your time …

I would like to introduce the idea behind my … “Pilates Pills”.

I am Anna, “Annajah” is my stage name, and this is my blog where I’d like to share information on what the world of Pilates is, but not only: I wish it would develop, over time and thanks to the contribution of all the users, in a “virtual place” where you can meet and share activities, passion, material, advice, news …, regarding the vast world of the “WELL-BEING” both physical and emotional!

My belief is that feeling good means to feel good with others: to find the right balance is a daily quest, a journey to discover how step out of well-being, to find it again as soon as possible and in a better way. A knowledge and awareness of the self, which leads to self-improvement and, consequently, to the improvement of the world around us.

The ways to reach the Well-Being are many and all different, each of us is unique and different … and then free to experiment and find his own way. Having said that, I think it is equally true that a physically healthy person who is comfortable with her body, that likes her self, that loves herself, despite the flaws … (perfection is a limit), she is also emotionally well , she’s fine with others, she lives well ….

Equally, people more at peace with themselves, emotionally balanced, without paranoia, so psychologically healthy and strong, are usually people physically healthy and “beautiful”. Simply I firmly believe in:

“Mens sana in corpore Sano” (Juvenal (Satires, X, 356) …. and the other way around, no matter where we start!

So here I am for those who want to improve themselves and conquer their well-being, starting with the work on the physical part.

As mentioned in the video, my idea is to create an online community of Pilates, where you can follow via Skype group lessons, where to receive video-customized courses, and where to have the opportunity to be followed privately for those who prefer.

I’d like it to be interpreted as a PERSONAL PATH to the discovery your physical potential and not just reduced to a fitness “training”. I would like to convey how to reach a full awareness of your body, how to use it at its best, and in its respect, and how to learn to feel and to listen to the emotional signals that pass through the physical part.

My training has been multiple and diversified and in my career I had the luck and the opportunity to approach and deepen different disciplines: dance (classical, modern, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, tap …) Yoga (Hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, kundalini .. various types of meditation), kick boxing, I approached, as a personal interest, the Law of Attraction, scientific studies on how the mind and body affect each other … a trip on how to better manage the Psycho -Physical Balance, in which I thankfully have, still, a long way to go!

At the same time I am now able to lead others to the discovery of their bodies, and this is my approach to Pilates that I would like to offer… a Pilates where the physical benefits (toning, flexibility, posture correction, defects, weight loss. ..) it is almost just a side effect of a broader process of awareness … that it will remain as a fundamental tool for any other physical activity that you will experience.

I saw many people approach Pilates, and what I suggest to those who does it for the first time is to give yourself a month of time, to get an idea of what it is, and see if it actually does for you, or not (as mentioned first, everyone has their own path and their own attitudes).

In a month you will begin to see and feel many benefits, you will start to learn more about the structure of the lesson and then work better, starting to become aware of your body and how to use it. Whatever then you will decide later, the conscious approach, and the first month of work will remain as a benefit for any other activity.

I hope I was not too boring with the “concept” … in any case, thanks for your patience!

The site is still being edited and updated … new content will be added, new, items, new courses and new options … for the moment I invite you to:

 snoop …


interact …

….. 🙂 smile!!

… It ‘s already a pleasure to have you here today, dedicating me some of your time … if so, I can help, I’d be more than happy !!!

Thank you, see you soon!!!


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