Flexion of the Upper Spine

Flexion of the cervical area and the upper part of the spine … very important point especially for those suffering from neck issues!

Thinking of a good posture, we usually say “hold your head up high!”, and we think of those movies where you see the girls walking with a book over their head … this is a first

difference to keep in mind:collo

easy to say what’s the right one, isn’t it???

The back of the neck must be nice and long, and the front active.

Let’s go further: ket’s now think to be against a wall … or lying down …

collo3                    collo1

At the beginning, especially,  it’s hard to feel and keep the right position, so I suggest you to think of having a “double chin”: you tighten up the chin in the neck, and stretch back.

In the video (from the course “INTRODUCTION TO PILATES“) you will find a thorough explanation with some exercises that I invite you to do right away!



Flexion of the Upper Spine

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