Extension of the Spine

Here’s another principle that usually is problematic…

I think the challenge in here, is that there is no possibility of a visual feedback, whether it is done laying or standing.

When we lay down supine, we can see what’s moving and how. Prone, instead, when we lift a leg off the floor or we move arms, we no longer have the visual support: we have to listen to the movement and perform it without seeing it).

Here is that the sensations become even more important!

Here’s the crucial points I’d like you to think about, even before whatching the video:

  • never feel a compression on the lumbar area, do not overload it.
  • never break your neck from behind, or bend your head back too much (always seek to the “double chin” sensation)
  •  figure out when to activate or not the buttocks and when to think of a pelvic tilt, preserving the lower back.

Now it’s your turn!! (From the course “INTRODUCTION TO PILATES“)


Extension of the Spine

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