nergifitdaysAfter summer and, for many of you, after holidays, it’s time to go back in the fall routine… and maybe even go back in the old clothes.

Alarms, appointments, physical activity, diet… and the desire to immediately leave for “summer places” gets in our thoughts and our mood drops of tone, after less than two weeks after return.

Change ATTITUDE is the first step: IF IT WERE AN OPPORTUNITY ‘?!?Desire for novelty, pampering, something that it is not “the old-usual stuff”… but how take hold of our “serious” lives when everything seems a deprivation?

… And magically, that many “sacrifices” start looking nicer:

 1) Wake up early in the morning and get on track with an open mind: “who knows what life has in mind for me today?”

2) what about meeting, maybe of work or with people who we “have to” see and which are not entirely representative the concept of “wow, I’m looking forward to”? … Let’s get in the state of mind of the “first time”, with no expectations or preconceived ideas, although they’re well founded.

3) The gym, however, hell noooooo …. And so, to return in the autumn clothes, it remains just:

4) Diet? … Ahhhhh …… Only the idea we are gripped by a sense of regret for lunches and dinners of “eating like there’s no tomorrow” of the summer, not to mention the self-granted drink like we were a Robinson Crusoe of deserts” ..

CHANGE YOUR CONCEPT: fitness, gym, exercise, diet, eating healthy … are means to improve our well-being!

 Here are some tips to better address the mind-change:

1- change what we do not like

2- replace it with new alternatives

3- try with a smile

4- seek quality

5- seek the naturalness

6- to be consistent with our new choices for enough time to break the old patterns!

 And surely the world of fitness comes to you!img_7046-copy

Try changing:

– activities

– environment

– teacher

there’s a lot of choices for every taste and every need!

And the food world make no exception: the diet is not just a deprivation, let’s make it a moment of discovery and cuddle!

Let’s try:

– Give us time to eat

– Taste our food

– Discover new foods

– Give more importance to the quality

– Give less importance to the amount

For me, the last discovery I made about it, is the NERGI!

It ‘a very good fruit, small, and if I stop to observe it, a bit’ funny (this already makes me smile and puts me in a good mood despite being “healthy and diet”), it seems a small kiwi, sweet and juicy, but above all, it has become, for its properties, my favorite snack:

– Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

– Hypo caloric

– Very good

On September 18, I attended the  fitdays di Decathlon in Milan, an event for fitness enthusiasts and sport-addicteds… my task? Manage an outdoor fitness class, where the attendants were unknown, as well as the type of training, then, was a question mark. I just knew it was at 10am on Sunday morning … et voila: a couple of Nergi before beginning and go for the lesson with taste, energy, lightness and FUN! It’s been a success!


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