Skin care: take years off your face with Vitamin C

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In his popular show, Dr. Oz revealed how you can “drop a decade” looking 10 years younger. Thanks to his fabulous skin care secret, you can get rid of your wrinkles without going under the knife or spending thousands of dollars.

Let’s dig into it!

How to turn back the clock for skin?

As we age, skin loses tone and elasticity and many treatments for skin care may fail. How can we turn back the clock?

The secret for skin care is Vitamin C

When it comes to skin care and anti-aging treatments, there’s one secret ingredient we need to know about: Vitamin C. Actually, it’s a powerful antioxidant, also critical in collagen synthesis.

Why Vitamin C is so essential to look younger

Vitamin C is in our skin when we’re young and it gives skin elasticity. But, as we age, we tend to lose it and collagen breaks down. Other factors besides aging can break it down, such as UV damages, or toxins from smoking. So we start to put more wrinkles and to have dry or sagging skin.

Now what we can do to cheat our age and getting rid of our wrinkles is starting to put Vitamin C back into our skin!

Vitamin C benefits

It’s an antioxidant and lightener; it rejuvenates skin and reduces sun burned cells, helping reverse age damages. While it’s not a sunscreen, it helps repairing damages and fine lines caused by free radicals.

Topical treatment

Starting a topical treatment is the best way to restore a higher level of Vitamin C into your skin. In fact, by applying it to your face as a cream, you actually get 20 times the Vitamin C into your skin than you would do by taking it orally.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to take it into the form of food (or supplements) of course. It’s more effective as a cream as long as with talk about skin Vitamin C levels. Still, this is a powerful antioxidant which should be absolutely included into your dietary plan.

Which is the active ingredient you should look for?

For skin care, look for a cream containing ascorbic acid as the active ingredient. And look for a lightproof and airtight packaging, as it oxidates, if esposed to light or air. What’s the percentage of Vitamin C your looking for?

This is a crucial point as well: the cream is effective provided that the amount of the active ingredient is 3-10%.

Does Vitamin C work better alone or in combination with other ingredients?

alpha-hydroxy-acid chemically exfoliates the skin aiding the penetration of Vitamin C compound. And not only that. Vitamin C works very well in sinergy with Vitamin E derived compounds (such as retinol). Mixing Vitamin C and Vitamin E together is a powerful anti-aging combination. Get to know more about how to choose an effective anti-wrinkles cream.

How long does it take before you see results?

The benefits of your new skin care method will soon be visible. The timing varies with every individual. Some people may start noticing changes from 2 to 4 weeks, and for some others it may take up to 6/8 weeks. However, a maximum effect should occur after 6 months.


Not only this skin care method is effective, but it’s easy to follow and affordable too.

So let’s get started!

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Skin care: take years off your face with Vitamin C
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