What’s Pilates?

Often they ask me: “PILATES?! … WHAT IS IT EXACTLY?

The best definition, that in my opinion defines its true meaning and peculiarity, compared to other fitness trainings, is:

“A Mindful Physical Workout”.

That’s to say, Pilates is: a physical / muscles workout, which requires the active participation of the student, to whom the teacher gradually gives all the necessary instruments to achieve the awareness of his own anatomy and of his body.  

The workout is designed to stabilise the joints, and you go to work and balance the muscles around them (both predominant and not). It goes well in correcting bad habits due to daily life and stress, and then to strengthen and shape the body.

The second question that naturally follows is often “WHO NEEDS IT? WHAT IS PILATES FOR? “

Well … without presumption, it can serve to EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY!

Let’s see why. In Pilates you:

  • rebalance muscles around a joint
  • strengthen weak 
  • actively stretch all the muscles

So it can be useful to:

  • Keep you fit in a conscious and full way (toning and stretching)
  • Correct bad muscle habits (kyphosis, lordosis, etc.).
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • Complete intensive training to support other sports

It is easy to deduce that there are no limits: PILATES IS SUITABLE FOR EVERYBODY! Women, men, young and old, dancers, athletes and not, athletically prepared or with no fitness background people… everyone!

So it’s important to talk with the teacher and understand together what is the best path for you. Usually, those who have no serious physical issues or specific requests, I kindly suggest to start with group lessons, beginners / intermediate / advanced, depending on their starting level. While for those who need more attention (past injuries or problems that prevent or “prohibit” certain movements …, to get an accurate result (greater flexibility, strengthening of a body part in particular, weight loss), I suggest to be followed in individual sessions.


For more information please refer to my website www.annabellei.com,

trainer section, where you’ll find other answers to frequently asked questions, and where you will find my contacts, for any questions and in case you want to start practicing Pilates with me, which I sincerely hope.


What’s Pilates?

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