To Choose a Training, or to choose a Trainer, that is the question: should I follow the same old class, that I don’t like that much, or should I choose a new one, even if I’m not that enthusiastic about the idea of a different training?

Many times we have chosen a course, because we felt that “this was our path …”, then after a while ‘, we no longer have the same feeling about it. why?

There are 2 main reasons for this:to-be

  • we have completely misunderstood the type of training.

In this case I think you already have in mind something else you want to try.

  • the trainer is not right for us.

I think is the most frequent case, not because the coach is not good enough, but especially for empathy.

.The trainer has a really big role so my advice: try to choose based on the teacher!



Many fitness centers modify and mixes names:

  • to provide some extra info on a class (soft, intense, advanced, stretch…)
  • to offer the costumer the idea of having many different activities, so that he will choose that fitness center
  • to be cool and updated with the main workout trends of celebrities

In the end then, what’s the bottom line?

What I think is that commercial needs and time savings have made all this world so confusing and articulated that after a while we would think that we must take a minimum of 20 different classes to be fit… when it’s actually fairly simple to keep our body healthy and active!



Althought it’s a competitive world for trainers, it shouldn’t be a race when it comes to clients.

A good trainer should be:

– Somebody that you like

– Passionate

– Updated and open minded

– Aware of the anatomy of the body

and remember that you are not a property…

Not sure you made a good choice? Try this: tell your trainer that you are thinking about trying some different activities with other trainers, just to change a bit’… and see the reaction!

A trainer should not be afraid to lose you; he should know his own value and the importance of changing as well. Even for the same activity, a different trainer will give the client something different so it is, in any case, a benefit.


Just keep these rules in mind:

  • choose something you like
  • choose someone you like
  • if it’s not a total body workout, choose a side activity to balance your training
  • choose a trainer who explains why and how you should do an exercise (many trainers just copy/paste exercises… that’s ok, as long as they are conscious of what they are teaching, and you want to get the same awareness)
  • try to change, every now and then, in between activities
  • muscles have a memory: try to practice more then once a week and you will improve faster



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