The cardio training, or aerobic workout, assumes that the energy required for a movement is generated by means of the aerobic process, namely that the energy demand is met by metabolism of oxygen.

In order for this process to happen, physical activity should raise the heart rate and lung activity in a moderate way, sustainable for a long period of time … getting the body gradually tired.

Examples of Cardio Training

Cardio Training - Jumping JacksJogging, running, cycling, swimming … Generally, it can be considered “aerobic” any activity that implies to move a lot and continuously (QUANTITY).

More specifically, the greater the involvement of multiple muscle groups at once, without excessive specific overload, the greater the aerobic effort.

Let’s analyze, for example, the classic Jumping Jacks, ( exercise commonly used in warming up:

– Wide leg movements

– Extensive arm movements

– Low average rhythm

Aerobic Cardio TrainingJust few minutes of these jumps and you already feel the aerobic effort that tries to compensate and sustain the movement. The arms, in this type of exercises, very often behave like bellows, increasing the cardio effort in a shorter time compared to the same movement of legs accomplished without them.

Cardio training therefore generally consists of simple movements, large rom and repeated at a slow-average rate.




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