The Anaerobic training, implies, contrary to the aerobic one, that the energy demand of the movement is produced by the metabolism in the absence of oxygen, namely that the energy production takes place in the muscle itself.

This process requires that the muscle is subjected to high stress, sustainable only for a very short time.

 Examples of anaerobic training

 Anaerobic Training -Squat - weight liftSprings, big jumps, heavy weight lifting … are examples of anaerobic activities, as well as all exercises in isometry in general, where what makes the difference it is not the amount of movement, but the quality. (QUALITY)

The so-called “muscle strengthening” falls into this category: the muscle is loaded with a heavy effort it cannot bear for long. Compared with cardio activities, you remain “breathless” quickly and above all you feel the fatigue first in the muscle than at breathing resistance level.

Let’s analyze a simple squat or weight lifting, if we hold the position as shown in pic: in the squat we will feel in a short time quads and gluteus yelling “help”, in the case of weights, we’ll feel our shoulders and arms crying.

The first feeling is the muscles burning, even in the case of non-isometric, that is, if we repeat several times the movement of squats or lifting weights, the fatigue will be felt first at the muscular level that at the aerobic one.

An anaerobic training is given then by:Anaerobic Training - minions

– Movements in isometry (holding a long position)

– Movements that involve a strength request or propulsion higher than normal (springs, big jumps…)






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