10 ways to do pilates in the office

pilates in ufficio

Do you spend your days at a desk, without an escape to a Pilates class? Here are 10 ways to do pilates  in a office, at home or in a smart working environment.

Correctly seated with a elongated spine, feeling the sit-bones well supported on the chair:
  1. Breathe for three minutes holding your belly inward
    respirazione pancia piatta
  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades 20 times, imagining that you have peanuts to crush in between themscapole unite
  3. Bring the chin in the neck, creating a double-chin for at least 10 times 
    mento collo
  4. Exhaling, slowly raise a leg, bent at 90 degrees to the knee, 10 times, then change the leg knee lift
  5. Contract the buttocks 20 times pelvic floor
  6. With legs crossed, tighten the two legs 10 times squeezing the inner thighs, then change the leg
    inner thigh squeeze
  7.  Stretch your arms resting your hands on the desk and press the palm of your hand 10 times. scrivania push
  8. Exhaling, raise up one  leg extended, 10 times then change the leg gamba lift copy
  9. Arms bent elbows close to the chest, resting the palm of the hand under the desk. Press against the desk, as to lift it, 10 times. scrivania lift
  10. Place your elbows on the desk, shoulder width, palms of the hands together, press 10 times Palm squeeze pecs
10 ways to do pilates in the office
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